Workout Tip-Jar & Hugger Mugger Yoga Mat

Do you have a hard time getting motivated to workout? Do you often set a goal to workout only to stop a day or two in? Have you heard of the workout tip-jar? It’s not only an awesome motivator to get out there and move but keeps you wanting to be active day after day!Read more

Post Break-up Playlist

This is not your average, sad “I want you back” break-up playlist. No, this is a “It’s time to move on” / “I’m great without you” playlist. So put on those headphones, pump up the bass, and dance your way into letting go of your last relationship (and into so many other great opportunities). ListenRead more

6 Personal Finance Books You NEED to Read This Year

There are few things in life that are more freeing than being financially stable. Personal Finance is incredibly important yet I find that only a few of us take the time to gain knowledge surrounding the topic. The reasons may vary, maybe we don’t know where to start? Or all our efforts in the pastRead more

How to Show Up to a Party Alone

We live in a society that finds being alone in a social situation, odd. Especially if that person is not staring at their phone. We find ourselves asking “Why are they alone, do they not have friends, are they weird?” Being alone is one of the GREATEST things you can do for yourself, and evenRead more

6 Categories You’re Forgetting to Include in Your Budget

Creating a budget can be a daunting task, especially for those who would rather do anything else. I am an AVID budgeter and even I have times where I’m wondering where these odd-ball expenses should fit, yet through a lot of trial and error I have come up with a list to help make budgetingRead more

Why it’s Important to Pick a “Word of the Year”

You might have seen Pinterest posts floating around asking what your word of the year is or how to choose one. What is this? And why is it important? In almost every yoga class I’ve been to the instructor asks us at the beginning, while in a state of calm, to choose an intention forRead more

Spend Less Time Dating the Wrong Person with the 3-Point Rule

Navigating the dating world can sometimes feel like we’re hobbling on crutches through a minefield made of lava, it’s honestly a miracle anyone makes it out alive. As we’re traversing through this lava minefield, trying to stumble, burn, and explode with class, I think it’s important to remember that there are ways to make itRead more

The Ultimate Motivation Playlist

Music, am I right? I can be driving down the road, jamming like a crazy person to my favorite song one minute and bawling my eyes out the next as a song with all the feels comes on. Now maybe your emotions aren’t as dramatic as mine, its fine, I own it. Regardless, music canRead more

4 Ways to Save Without Having to Adjust Your Budget

The idea of saving money when you’re living at the absolute edge or even beyond your income is, at the very least, a daunting task. How is saving even a possibility when you’re focusing on just getting by? Well I promise you, it is! Here are 4 SUPER SIMPLE ways to save money without evenRead more